Unit 32 P1 describe the size and structure of the food retailing sector-

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P1-describe the size and structure of the food retailing sector-

Task1- in this task I will be looking at the current structure and size of the UK food retail industry and writing a summary of the information that I find out, in more depth I will be looking at the different types of food retailers that are operating in the UK and including the size and scale that the businesses operate at. 

There are different types of outlets in the UK which specialize in selling foods and drinks where they offer the products alongside different services that each and every business specializes in, the major business that sell food and drink can be any business in each different market, in the fast food market businesses like McDonalds specialize in this area where as groceries like fruit and veg business like Tesco specialize in this, but businesses that sell foods like sandwiches and Panini’s business like subway’s specializes in this, so different business major in different part of the market where they offer a specific type of food and drink.

There are different structures such as different elements to look at like the different types of outlets where the point from which the products are sold, for example looking at-

Cooperatives- this is businesses, farm or any organization where it is owned and run jointly by its members, where they share the profits that they make or the benefits that the business receives. Can also be called a firm that is run by a group of users so that it benefits every user, business that run cooperatively is business like co-op where the services that they fall in is grocery retailing where they sell house hold foods like fruit and veg, packaged products, tined goods, and even drinks from milk to drinks like fizzy pop. Co-op also has its own division food called the cooperatives food.

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Superstores- a superstore is a large supermarket but they are normally not located in the town areas, also can be defined as a large retailer store where they have diversified merchandise, such as groceries, electrical product, and even clothing or even they sell a wide variety of products in a selected product, such as clothing, computing and even sporting goods. Business like this include Morrison’s, Tesco and even store likes wait rose, that specialize in selling variety of products.

Specialist outlets- these kinds of stores offer a specific type of product such as specializing in specific product, the store kind ...

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