Unit 4 Business Studies

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Unit 4: Investigating Electronic Businesses


In this unit I will be comparing two existing businesses which I will be choosing and in the comparison I evaluate whether they achieve their business aims and objectives of having an online presence.  In the second part of my coursework I will be recommending some improvements which are to be made for one of the businesses, and I will also highlight some factors which influence a business to open themselves up to online trading.  And finally I will be also designing a new website for a new business and planning the creation of the new website.

Electronic business is:

Electronic Business, or "e-business", may be known as a business which relies on an automated information system; today this is done by web-based technology.  The term "e-business" was put together by Lou Gerstner, CEO of IBM.  The Electronic business methods allow the business to put together their external and internal data together more efficiently and flexibly which allows them to work more closely with their key stakeholders; and to reach the expectations of the stakeholders like customers.  E-businesses usually include e-commerce; e-commerce is simple seeks to add revenue streams using the Internet.  The internet helps them build and enhance relationships between the business and the key stakeholders being the customers and improve efficiency.  E-commerce sometimes involves application of knowledge management systems.  E-business is more than just e-commerce. It involves business processes spanning the entire value chain: electronic purchasing and supply chain management, processing orders electronically, handling customer service, and cooperating with business partners. Special technical standards for e-business facilitate the exchange of data between companies. E-business software solutions allow the integration of intra and inter firm business processes. E-business can be conducted using the Web, the Internet, intranets, extranets, or some combination of these.”        

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ebusiness

As part of the assessment criteria for this unit I intend to do:

  1. Compare the two websites that I have chosen to do compare and evaluate.  I will also talk about how the use of the internet meets the aims and objectives which the business has set themselves.
  2. I will also produce an evaluation for one of the two businesses and a key improvement which I think the business should be taken on.
  3. I will also talk about the factors which influence the business to make use of a website.
  4. I will also be planning and designing a simple website.

Purpose of an online presence

The purpose of an online presence is that it allows the business to create awareness of the business with its target audience or even potential customers.  Also an online presence also allows people to go onto the business website also it will improve communication between the business and its stakeholders being the customers and others like suppliers etc; customers can even get information of the business or the products that the business sells.  And to inform the customer of any new product that have been taken on by the company; this could also help the business increase productivity and save money on advertisements as their internet website can be used as an advertisement medium.  With the help of an international website the business will be able to target customer abroad which helps increase company awareness across the world.  Business also intend to improving sales to a wider audience and maximising profits.


The website is very simple and is very clear as you know where to go for example you know how to look for cars by clicking on the buying button on the top where the navigation bar is.  Also on every page the navigation bar stay in the same place and it doesn’t change which is good for allowing the user to get to know the websites layout.  On the homepage you can also click on sub-links to read review from people who have given road tests on certain cars, also it is packed with loads of information to be read and they even give the option of selling a vehicle check before you go onto buy a car from their website this helps ease the stress of the customer when buying a high value car because they have to just pay £25 and their vehicle is checked if it has been stolen or not; and all the VIN and engine number are checked etc to certify that it is ok to buy.  The purpose of Autotrader having a website is to appeal to a global market like Italy, Holland, Ireland and people within the UK.  So if people don’t get a copy of the Autotrader magazine or they just don’t want to buy the magazine they can go onto the internet and view the cars which are for sale.  The main feature of the website is the search box which searches the entire Autotrader database for the type of car a customer may want to look for, for example if a customer wants to look for a Vauxhall Astra then they just have to fill in the make box and the model box and after the price range boxes; the results will show the exact type of car a Vauxhall Astra.

The good thing about the website is that on the homepage there is text to explaining how to make purchases with Autotrader and how to make offers etc. Basically it gives instructions on how to purchase cars form Autotrader.

Autotrader is a national magazine which has 39% of the online classified marketing sector (Source http://www.tradermediagroup.com/companies/auto-trader.html) and is the market leader in classified ads of cars on magazines, their website allows you to search whatever people want to buy or sell their cars this makes the customer be able to narrow their searches more specifically; most people turn to Autotrader as a point of interest to sell cars through advertisements in the magazine at cheap prices.  Autotrader don’t sell the cars they just offer the for sale pitches for people.  The use of the Autotrader website is that it helps people search cars that they like and may be thinking of purchasing; also it gives clear descriptions of the cars and it even gives people pictures of the state in which the cars are in.  The website shows all the latest cars that are for sale second hand or new it depends on the person if they want second hand or brand new cars.  They can even put in the specifications which they want from the car like engine size or diesel or petrol, with the use of the website they can go through all the cars that are available to them in the selected price range in which they think they can afford and it even go through all models and makes of cars which they would like to choose; it even saves paper for the environment as Autotrader sell quite a lot of cars and they display adds of up to 350,000 in their magazines and it saves time for the customer from going through other categories of cars which don’t hold not use to the customer.

With the help of the budget and specifications tool they are able look at other cars which they thought wouldn’t be suited for them.  And it also gives details of the person selling the car of if it’s a trade sale or private sale, private sales make up 80% of Autotrader’s sales and the rest of the 20% is of trade sale; if a company sells a car on Autotrader then it even gives details of the company selling the car.  All the descriptions of the cars are very accurate and they are very specific in a simplistic way so it helps for anyone to understand.  The Autotrader website also offers the customer the option for any financial help on purchasing their car; also they can even buy personalised number plates for their cars and even upgrade certain parts of their car.  Also it helps Autotrader to advertise other companies’ products and gain revenue from them, sell other products like their own magazine and other services offered by Autotrader, their site also offers advice on when buying and what type of car would be best for what type of people for example they do this by doing road tests on certain cars and giving the advantage and disadvantages of the cars that they test drive.  Autotrader’s website also offers cars insurance quotes and car loans etc.

Autotrader aims

Autotrader is owned by TMG Trade Media Group.

Our vision is simple - by staying at the forefront of specialist media publishing in all channels to market we will continue to achieve sustainable growth. The strategy behind this aim includes:

  • Keeping all our titles and websites rich in content relevant to their target audiences, and providing access to this across multiple platforms
  • Continuing to evolve, develop and acquire new titles and outlets to meet emerging market demand
  • Developing new products and services to support and complement our existing product portfolio

Source http://www.tradermediagroup.com/about/

With the help of their internet website they are able to increase their advertising to create more awareness with their customers and by allowing other companies to place ads on their website they are able to get more money from out of house people with the use of their site; also a good PR is being created when more companies pay Autotrader to place ads on the Autotrader website or magazine.  They also have special keys like text size keys which allow you to change the size of the font which allows you to read the website more clearly.  As a magazine they are able to reach all kinds of people without computers and they do not really have any competition as a magazine but trading as a website Autotrader is getting some form of competition setting up which could decrease their market share.


This helps them achieve their aims of providing a valuable service to the customers and it helps them, by constantly updating their products they are able to provide relevant contents for their customers to read and go onto buy.  

Cars direct Ltd

The text is really easy to read and the navigation bar stays in the same place all the time like Autotrader’s website and is highlighted from the white background, there is a nice feel to the website it looks very professional and welcoming.  Although Cars Direct fail to provide a search box to show correct type of cars as results.

Join now!

Have a simple website, their website is specialised on only a single thing which is auctioning cars to members of the public and other traders at cheap trade prices; as opposed to Autotrader which offer other products as car loans and insurance for cars at fixed prices.  Cars Direct Ltd do not advertise other companies products on their website, their website is specifically just for auctioning cars and this makes it specialised.  The website is real time and you can see who has placed the latest bid for a car and how much has been placed, all you have ...

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