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Unit 4 Business Studies

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Unit 4: Investigating Electronic Businesses Introduction In this unit I will be comparing two existing businesses which I will be choosing and in the comparison I evaluate whether they achieve their business aims and objectives of having an online presence. In the second part of my coursework I will be recommending some improvements which are to be made for one of the businesses, and I will also highlight some factors which influence a business to open themselves up to online trading. And finally I will be also designing a new website for a new business and planning the creation of the new website. Electronic business is: "Electronic Business, or "e-business", may be known as a business which relies on an automated information system; today this is done by web-based technology. The term "e-business" was put together by Lou Gerstner, CEO of IBM. The Electronic business methods allow the business to put together their external and internal data together more efficiently and flexibly which allows them to work more closely with their key stakeholders; and to reach the expectations of the stakeholders like customers. E-businesses usually include e-commerce; e-commerce is simple seeks to add revenue streams using the Internet. The internet helps them build and enhance relationships between the business and the key stakeholders being the customers and improve efficiency. E-commerce sometimes involves application of knowledge management systems. E-business is more than just e-commerce. It involves business processes spanning the entire value chain: electronic purchasing and supply chain management, processing orders electronically, handling customer service, and cooperating with business partners. Special technical standards for e-business facilitate the exchange of data between companies. E-business software solutions allow the integration of intra and inter firm business processes. E-business can be conducted using the Web, the Internet, intranets, extranets, or some combination of these." Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ebusiness As part of the assessment criteria for this unit I intend to do: (A) ...read more.


Opportunities- it would be unnecessary to say that Cars Direct have an opportunity to enter the world of e-trading as they are already trading electronically. But as a business they have an opportunity to open up Cars Direct business outlets in other countries like Japan to increase their awareness over the world; also they could think of opening up an import export car business which allows customer to send car from one country to another because I have noticed that cars Direct have all the facilities to do this. And currently there is a boom in the import export cars market. They can also promote their cooperate image of their business by opening it up in other countries to show customers how big of a business they really are, also with the help of their website they have a chance to improve the communication with key stakeholders like the customers and suppliers. Threats- the only major threat which Cars Direct have is of one of their major competitions Autotrader out competing Cars Direct, because they have an advantage of winning over new customer at a faster rate then Cars Direct as Autotrader is a more well known business. Evaluation of a website I have been investigating how effectively two websites achieve there aims and objectives through its online presence. When doing this I identified that Cars Direct do not achieved their aims and objectives very effectively. The aims of Cars Direct are: To be committed to providing their customers with the most modern and up to date technology which should go onto help their customers in their everyday life. There are a number of strengths of Cars Directs online presence and these are: * Increase the size of the target market/ Attract the business to a global audience They are able to appeal to a global market by setting up site in other countries in that use right hand drive spec cars or even open themselves up to new markets by offering left hand drive cars too. ...read more.


2) Also the expertise and skills of staff is a constraint as if I have skilled staff already then it would save money and time when employing and looking for people to update and edit the website. For example if my business have people employed who have experienced and skills when it comes to protecting the companies website and updating the businesses security then it would help reduce the costs; and with the help my staff I can help develop the website further and offer the employee a bonus which motivates them to help my business progress further. 3) Viruses and impact of hackers is one of the potential hazardous constraints for a business which could bring the businesses reputation down as vital customer information like bank details could be taken from the main computer of the business. This is why I need to make sure that my security levels are set to a high standard to prevent viruses being setup on my main computer. And for hackers I need to make sure that I constantly update my operating system. The reason why it is a good idea for a business which makes food at a high level is so that they can show the quality of food which they create the food at and the types of food they sell. It also helps promote any new products which they have invented, and helps sell it to customers by displaying big images of the new food products. And by having an online presence it helps the business increase their communication between the business and customers, so if the customer wanted to see what type of products the business is selling and the menus which they offer they can just log onto the website which I am creating and place an order by phone saving time for the staff at the store; and it also helps the customer deicide better as they can choose what they want to eat at their own pace rather then being pushed on the phone as the staff are busy in-store. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Neil.K.Chitti ...read more.

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4 star(s)

Many good points are made but it is hard work at times finding them and working out what they mean. The essay is much longer than necessary. With a proper structure, it could be made easier to understand and avoid the repetition.

Marked by teacher Dennis Salter 01/05/2013

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