Why Do the Young Earn Less Than Other Workers?

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Why do the young earn less than other workers?


Before researching the question posed by this title it is important that I make perfectly clear, what my assumption are as to the meaning of the key words in the title of the investigation. For the purposes of my investigation I will assume "young people" to imply people between the ages of 14-18 as jobs available to those under the age of 14 are unlikely to be comparable with those of adult jobs. I have decided to assume that the "earn" factor of the investigate should be measured by the hour since this will allow a youth's earning to be better compared against an adult counterpart. I will assume "other workers" to mean anyone over the age of 18 doing a comparable job to the young person, as obviously it would be pointless to compare the earnings of an 16 year old working in "Burger King" with that of an adult lawyer.

The task of investigating and determining, the factors affecting the difference in wages between employed young people and other workers with similar jobs, demands research. I will try to survey a number of people who are willing to act as my case studies and I will find out the relevant information from them. The questions that I will ask to obtain this information should be suitable for testing any theories that I predict will explain any difference in wages, between young people and their elders. I will distribute a questionnaire amongst young people in order to determine their demand for jobs, the percentage that are employed, the rate at which they are paid, the influences that are most important in persuading a person to supply their labour and other relating matters. These questions will enable me to test the theories that I have concerning the importance of the wage in a young person's decision to work and other hypothesis. I will represent a number of the answers in graph form for comparison purposes that will further illustrate the way the questions test my theories. This should answer the question as to "why do young people (want to) work?"
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After dealing with the young people I shall turn my attention to the adult workers (i.e. the "other workers"). I will determine their rate of pay through a second survey that will provide me with the second set of answers with which to test my theories. The comparisons I will make must be with like and like so I will only survey unskilled adult workers who possess similar jobs to the young people. As the young people will mostly be attending school or some other form of education they can usually only work part-time and therefore I shall ...

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