Odysseus - admirable character

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    “Odysseus is an entirely admirable character in Books 5-8”

                                         How far do you agree with this statement?

                                                Toni Yordanov

Odysseus is the king of Ithaca, husband of Penelope, father of Telemachus, son of Laertis and Anticleia. He is a hero from the Trojan War and becomes famous for his intelligence and cunning mind – he is the one to make up the Trojan horse. So far Odysseus seems to be incredible, resourceful and even godlike, but “The Odyssey” presents him in new light, reveals his true character and shows both – his good and his bad side.

Truly, Odysseus is among the greatest Greek heroes, together with Heracles and Achilles. The similarity between three of them is that they are supported by at least one god. Athene is the one who likes the king of Ithaca; she calls him “admirable King”, who ruled “like a loving father. The goddess of wisdom always helps her favorite disguised as daughter of ship’s captain or just little girl. That is why Odysseus “looks godlike”, “enveloped in mist” or “invincible”, surrounded by magic.

However, not all of the gods like Odysseus. Poseidon, the sea god, tries to prevent him from going back to Ithaca – “he roused the stormy blasts of every wind”. No human being would sustain the god’s anger, but Odysseus overcomes the storm. Poseidon sends him “mountainous” waves and “tremendous gust”; the power of the god overflows the Trojan hero who is just about to die when Ino, The White Goddess takes pity on him. At the end Poseidon is made to give up and Odysseus is the winner of their fight.

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Odysseus has both internal and external qualities. He is described as “courteous” in Book 6 when he begs for help first Nausicaa and later her mother – Arete. Despite being overtired, hungry and powerless Odysseus does not forget his good manners – “I should be ashamed to stand naked”, “it would be better to keep distance”. Courteousness is quality common for heroes, kings and noble men especially in similar circumstances. Being 7 years on Ogygia most people would look rude and arrogant, but not the king of Ithaca. Furthermore Odysseus is “looks like the gods who live in heaven”, he ...

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