Briefly outline and justify your casting decisions for Antigone and Ismene and then explain how you would direct your actors in their first appearance together in order to convey your interpretation of their relationship at this stage in the play

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Briefly outline and justify your casting decisions for Antigone and Ismene and then explain how you would direct your actors in their first appearance together in order to convey your interpretation of their relationship at this stage in the play

I am choosing to set Antigone in a police state. Thebes will be a country under civil unrest, with Creon and his family fighting for the state apart from Polyneikes who is fighting for the citizens of Thebes and is a part of the anikist group called Argos. Antigone tells her sister that she is going to go against Creon, who I would have as a general, and bury her brother. The stage should be end on with no staging bar a backdrop showing high fences with barbed wire on the top along with  two security cameras on the stage corners attached to the ceiling that focus upon the centre of the stage occasionally moving slightly to the left or right

                        Security cameras

Ismone and Antigone should be of a similar height and build with dark hair to show there relation. Their hair should be scraped back into a pony tail and their faces should be without makeup. This shows that the compound is based upon practicality and not looks. There costume should be of a military combat style in all black and both are to wear army boots. Both are to have armbands stitched with patches that show their individual achievements and ranking, Ismone’s is to be full, to show that she is the more successful of the sisters. This is important as her success is directly linked to her rational nature, something that Antigone does not have. Ismone should also be slightly older, exaggerating my interpretation of her being the more rational and responsible sister.

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I would begin with Antigone dragging Ismone out of the military compound from the left side of the stage. She should drag Ismone onto the stage whilst crouching low to avoid detection, with Ismone looking round the entire time.

I want Ismone to be shown as the more logical of the two sisters. This is already shown through the attempt to persuade Antigone to re think her action I would exaggerate this logical characteristic by The way in which she says ‘there is no sense in the excessive gesture’, not only does this utterance show that she is concerned about ...

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