Discuss the ways in which the OC gains and holds the attention of its audience.

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Discuss the ways in which the OC gains and holds the attention of its audience.

   Well let’s look at before the programme even starts. There are a lot of cleverly edited trailers, usually around the time shows of the same audience type are on, showing off the best bits of the programme. The trailer is very fast moving and hopefully gets people curious about the show. The trailer looks very fun and exciting.

   Moving on to when the programme starts. It firstly does a ‘previously on the OC’, getting people who don’t usually watch the show involved. It shows all the main stories and events over the past few episodes. This is a very cunning tactic as it has the ability to just show all the good bits and this gains the audiences attention and makes them want to sit and watch all the excitement unravel.

   The pre title sequence, which is fairly short to keep the audiences attention follows. The idea of this is to throw the audience right into the heart of what is going to happen in the show, it should really get people thinking about the following events and again it is holding them to their seats as they will want to know what happens next and how it will affect the rest of the show.

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   Following this it quickly puts on the title sequence, which is full of glamorous pictures of the OC and a very catchy theme tune. It is quite a fast and happy song, which is good to keep the audience entertained, as if it was a slow, boring, sad and a long song it could put people off as it would reflect badly on the show and bore the audience. This could be an easy place to lose viewers, but the OC, in my view, manages to keep the flow which will help make viewers watch on. It also gives ...

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