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Drama Coursework

My strengths in the play that I have performed were working within the group well, my speech was loud, clear and correct and my movement and body language used during the play was also good. I was talking loud enough so that the audience could hear me loud and clearly, which is an important use of skill that must be used during any play. My body language and facial expression was key during the play, because I had to use these well to show how disturbed my character was. The way that I showed this was by showing no emotion on my face and in my body language and by also having a little twitch which gave the impression that he was slightly odd. I feel that my best strength was giving a good input into my group by encouraging my fellow group members and by also by putting ideas into the play and also help fellow members if they made a mistake etc. The area’s that I struggled in was deciding on giving my character an accent, because I think it would have made a bigger impact on the audience that way, and we were also told to make our play as real as possible so giving him an accent would have made it that just more realistic. We took a number of ideas of a man called Stanislavski!  I also think that if I had made a bit more effort with helping to devise the play, then I think that I would have a better understanding of my character, which would have helped me play as if I were that person and also the understanding of the other characters in the play. I thought my stance at the end of the play where all the other characters are lying on the floor and me standing over them gives me a powerful stance.

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                                            The other actors in my group performed really well on the day, using good body language and gesture’s and their speech and facial expressions were clear too. We all came up with the idea that too show the audience that time was slowly moving on, we would move to different position on the stage but making sure that our backs were never facing the audience, which we all thought was very effective. In rehearsal’s, Joe came up ...

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