Drama Production Log : Hamlet Extract.

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Drama coursework

                                        Angela Lau U4

Development phase

What we did?

1/Teacher distributed the extract from ‘Hamlet’.

2/ We read through once and the teacher read it again with us.

3/ The teacher explained the whole extract in modern English.

4/Discussd in what circumstances that it might be have a similar content as the extract (leaving).

5/Made a group with at least 1 more people and create a scene about being apart.

I was in a group with Cindy Ng. I was the mother and Cindy was the daughter.

The background of our performance was: Cindy was my daughter, who was brought up in such a wealthy family---The Royal family of the Great Britain. She was completely spoiled. Her father left the family for reasons.

Our script:

(In the market)

C: Shall I buy this?

A: yea, of course. We shall buy pancakes. I can still remember when you were young, we used to make them.

C: I always like them.

A: That’s your favorite blueberry cheesecake, shall we buy it too?

C: Sure, mother.

(Exit the scene)

(in the kitchen)

A:Cindy do you want to help me in making the pancakes?

C: OK.

A: You can add the eggs and milk into it.

C: I want to scramble the eggs.

(Mother handed over to her)

A: Cindy, are you ok?

C: mom, I really don’t want to leave you and our house.

A: Cindy, it’s time for you to learn how to be a grown up.

C: I know, but mom why that one? I don’t want to live with those kind of people and for god’s sake, how can you live with no servants at all? This is ridiculous!

A: Cindy, how many times do I have to tell you. Of course. There is nothing wrong to be wealthy, but there is nothing wrong to be not wealthy too!

C: But mom…..

A: No but mom, now bring the dishes to the dinning table.

C: Shall I get…..

A:NO! you will do it yourself.

(At the dnning table)
A:They are delicious, aren’t they?

C: Yea, nice taste really.

A: Cindy, unlike your cousin William, you are going to a slightly lower class school. You are going to learn much valuable experience from all of them. You will learn how to be a successful person by then.

C: Mom, I know what to do, don’t worry! I will behave and be good.

A: And always remember……remember……..

C: Remember not to tell them that you came from the Royal family. Mom, please stop crying.

A: Yea, just in case anyone wants to assassinate you.

C: mom….


I would like to talk about the performance of Kit and Pardeep.

They had scenes about the son joined the war; the father did not like it, because it’s so dangerous.

The first scene happened in the living room. It shown Dad’s love, care and close relationship with the son. When the son came in, the first thing that he offered him was a glass of orange juice. They sat and chatted. They then built up a reasonable amount of humor: when the son told the father that he had done something to contribute the country, the Dad guessed it was jobs in charity. Wrong guess of course, it was ‘WAR’. He showed his unexpected reaction----dropping the glass. Kit did quite well in the last scene----he put down the glass gently, before he left that scene. Good arrangements there. They had also shown the most important point on why the father does not like the son to join in the war----he was the only son, he needs to carry on the surnames and produce the offspring. However, Pardeep’s enthusiasm did not stop him from doing it.

He decided to go for the war at last. He went to a train station and bought a ticket. When he went in the train, his father finally turned up and encouraged him by saying ‘I didn’t mean what I said, son’. Very true, in a family relationship; no matter how bad the situation is, you will still supporting each other. The audience should have the same point of view as theirs. They were very successful, because they made us think.

  However, I think there are several places that they can improve: firstly, a soldier does not have to pay for his own train ticket. Secondly, Kit does not mention other information, such as where? When? And single or return ticket. On the other hand, Pardeep faced the audience when he knocked the window to tell Pardeep that he encouraged him.

  My recommendations are add a line to Pardeep saying that, for example: an hour later, at the train station and then jumped to the other parts. By avoiding Pardeep facing his back to the audience they should change the side of the train. They should change the door of the train from right side to the left, the window from the left side to the right. This can make Pardeep faces the audience directly.

  Generally, they had made a very thoughtful performance about the close family relationship. They ways in how they acted, the uses of props and the words spoken were excellent.

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1st day, things that we have done:

  At the first day of the exam, we were given a poem—“saw it in the paper” by Adrian Mitchell. We were given about 5 minutes to read through them by ourselves. The teacher then read it with us, in order to give us a brief idea on the poem. We were then told to high light the most important sentences in the poem, but no more than 12.After doing it, the points that we shall be focusing on should be clearer. The poem was about a mother with a baby, ...

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