How does Peter Medak gain the viewers sympathy for Derek Bentley in the film 'Let him have it!'?

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What is bias? Bias is when a person is one sided. Like only believing there is one side to a situation and that that IS the correct side to the situation. Well you could say Peter Medak was bias while making this film because he only shows us his view of what he thinks happened in the Derek Bentley situation and by doing so makes us believe that his view is right. Peter Medak is famous for directing recent films like species II and Romeo is bleeding, but we have been looking at his earlier work ‘let him have it’. Unlike his recent films it was based on a true-life experience that happen in 1953 with a boy called Derek Bentley. In 1953 Derek Bentley, a London boy, was hanged for the murder of a policeman. But how he came to be in this situation was because of his newfound friend Chris Craig. Chris become Derek’s best friend after he is brought home from approved school for trashing a neighbour’s shed. He influences Derek in to do stupid things like robbing the butchers, which goes horribly wrong and is the beginning to a trail in court for the two boys. But why did peter medak want to make this film? My opinion would be that he wanted to show the rest of the country his view about the trail and the hanging. There is also another question on my mind, should Derek have been hanged? My opinion to this question would have to be that the hanging was unreasonable and that the case was not saw through properly.

The film’s first scene is Derek first contracting epilepsy, from a blow to the head in the 1942 Blitz after his own house collapsed on him. This scene of the Blitz is very intense it is full of emotion and tears, as Derek’s parents struggle to get him out of the rubble of bricks. The camera zooms in on Derek after he has been uncovered from the rubble; he is dazed and unaware of his surroundings. The film then quickly moves on to a short view of Derek’s child hood. It is the first time that we are given the signs that Derek has contracted epilepsy because he is about to trash a neighbour’s shed with some friend’s and end up been caught by the owner. Derek’s friends flee leaving Derek in the shed. But with his friends gone the owner then shines the touch at Derek to see who it is, this then cause’s Derek to have an epileptic fit. This is the first sign to the audience that Derek has contracted epilepsy. To myself this may be the beginning give audience automatic impression that Derek can be mislead by people. After this Derek is put into approved school but because of his mental illness his father complains that they are treating him unfairly for someone in his state of mind. From this Peter Madak clearly shows us that Derek is not at the right age, mentally and is actually a few years behind. This will begins gain the audience’s sympathy for Derek right away because Peter Medak makes you feel sorry for Derek in his situation. This is one example of Peter Medak been bias in this film because he is showing us Derek’s situation because he wants to make us feel the sympathy towards Derek because of his epilepsy.

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As a year goes pasts, Derek will only leave the house as far as his own back garden. Until on day he wants a new record, which is out at the shops. Iris his older sister persuades Derek to leave the house and go and buy it with her. This begins to show us the strong relationship between Derek and his sister. To me peter medak has shown us this because he wants to show us a reason why iris kept on fighting for Derek’s innocent after he was hung. When Derek is walking to the shop, it is the ...

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