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Research Report for a voting guide aimed at young people.

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Research Report When creating an artefact for a mass audience it is necessary to find the correct data for the target audience. This includes researching form, audience, context and some basic content. I used both primary and secondary data. For examples of these see the appendices. I used a questionnaire to survey my target audience and establish a need; I surveyed ten people making the data primary qualtive data, as an in-depth study of the audience was carried out. I used some basic secondary data for initial content research such as books, the Internet, television programmes and newspaper articles. Audience Close contact is needed with the audience throughout the project. My target audience is upper sixth formers at George Abbot Sixth Form. I targeted them because, I study at George Abbot Sixth form so I have good contact with people and the audience is in close proximity. I used questionnaires (see appendix for the full results and questionnaire) ...read more.


All audience research carried out has allowed me to change my plans so that I can make the artefact fit specifically with my audience wants, needs and visions of the artefact. Form There are so many leaflets around; coming through your letter box every day, in shops and given out on the street, that my research into form was conducted with mainly secondary data. I wanted to see how these leaflets encapsulated their target audience, what the 'norms' and conventions of the A5 leaflet, my chosen form. Seeing as there is no leaflet about how to vote for young people available, my form research was largely down to the type of leaflet information the target audience asked for and other leaflets. However, seeing as I am interested in the subject and am in the right age group for my leaflet I have some idea of what the leaflet needs to look and be like. ...read more.


It needs to be clear and concise and not too long. That is why I have chosen to produce it in an A5 booklet. It will be laminated or printed on gloss paper to give a professional appeal and withstand basic wear and tear. The most important item is that it needs to appeal to young people, which means, it needs to look good and uncluttered. Text needs to be kept to a minimum but maximum information, focusing instead on pictures and aesthetically pleasing items. The item will probably be used on voting day, so needs to be small enough to fit into a handbag or pocket of the owner, hence the A5 size. Content I used secondary data to conduct content research. I used various political websites that offered some information, my own knowledge of the subject and assorted political books and newspaper articles. This helped me provide precise information for my target audience on the specific areas that my target audience know nothing about such as the procedure and what happens on the day, as well as postal-vote information. (1,025 words) 4 ...read more.

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