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Sports Development

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Sports Development Introduction Within my placement period for sport development I wanted a placement that was both challenging and interesting. For me it seemed too easy to apply to my old school to teach PE. I wanted to do something with a sport that was under developed, with this in mind I secured a placement with Dance Northern Ireland the largest dancesport organisation on the island. Introduction to organisation Dance Northern Ireland is located in Holywood and was formed in 1997 with clearly defined aims,objectives and operating principles. Dance NI's role is that of facilitator and promoter of dance in general, whilst reaching out to as wide an audience as possible. The development of Dance in Northern Ireland with opportunities for the development of professional practice and performance are paramount. Also the commitment to quality, equality and accessibility for all. Dance N I has a Board of Directors with a management team lead by Director Vicky Maguire and six other salaried staff. Dance NI functions with a large volunteer base and operates on a relatively small budget of �40,076 per annum largely funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Belfast City Council. As an organisation they regularly seeks funding from other sources. Introduction to your role in the organisation After my initial meetings with the Director, I was placed to work with Jane Moore, the Marketing, Education and Outreach officer in the capacity of Outreach Assistant with specific duties relating to the Earthquake Festival. ...read more.


Within the project they have many roadshows, these offer primary/secondary schools, colleges and community centres within N.Ireland a tailored dancesport package operational from their site. Each of the organisations that they work for, have different aims and obectives, and DNI attempt to craft the outreach project to accommodate these, foscuing on educational, physical, social, intellectual, creative and emotional needs. The roadshows have been used for MU projects, school plays, health days, PE/Dance GCSE targets, personal development, cross-curricular projects, confidence booter, or just for pure fun! All schools/centres who have undertaken a roadshow automatically become a member of DNI, and receive regular information of other DNI opportunites throughout the year which they often avail of. These include: summer school, gala night, all Ireland Youth Dance Festival, reisidencies, Earthquake Festival, etc. The feedback from the roadshows has been outstanding from teachers, leaders and participants alike. Many schools have asked the dance tutors to stay on and teach weekly, developing sturdy foundations of dance in the heart of the school. Others have asked for choreographers to help develop skills for schools entries in dance competitions. Community centres and health organisations have requested intensive hoilday dance sessions. It is anticpated that the roadshows will prove an invaluable asset for teachers due to the change in the Northern Ireland PE curriculum. Report 3: - Sports development event management & Organisation Dance Northern Ireland runs the best dance festival on the island of Ireland call ' Earthquake'. ...read more.


Then the show begain, with myself and my partner Jamielee Gibson opening the whole festival. 11th March Routine daily adminsitration tasks as defined as at 28th February 18th March Routine daily administration tasks as define as at 28th February 25th March Poster run around the Belfast/Lisburn area Mailshot run to ensure that 5000 leaflets reached their targets with personal contact at each venue as the Dance NI representative member. Targets achieved - Crescent Art Centre Old Museum Belfast Ni Visitors Convention Centre BIFHE Welcome Centre Queens Student Union Linenhall library Waterfront Hall Island Arts Centre - Lisburn Ulster Musem Europa Hotel Jurys Hotel Lurgan Town Hall 9th April Attendance at Island Arts Centre for workshop in Latin American and liason, facilitation and assistance on the day with the Event Coordinator. Representation on the evening of the Gala Night at the Island Arts Centre and personal involvement with the Ballet Lorient event. Acting ambassador for Dance NI on the evening. With mention in the driectors speech at the start of the night, as part of the danceni team. 22nd April My final day at Dance NI consisted of documentation of press launch and feedback, meeting with the Project Manager to ensure that all tasks allocated had been fulfilled and final meeting with the Driector to ensure that all my placement objectives and tasks had been covered and all outreach objectives met. Follow up meeting with the Director to ensure that all documentation for University feedback has been completed. Also a thank you to the team for allowing my placement with them. .. ...read more.

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