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From the beginning of the course, we had been looking at many different extracts from plays. Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, Teechers by John Godber and Shadow Of A Gunman by Sean O'Cossey to name a few.

During the first part of unit two, we were told that we were going to be looking at the play Teechers. I was very pleased because I personally enjoyed Teechers the most because it was fun and exciting. I was looking very forward to the following six weeks as because I had never studied an entire play before.

Teechers is a play written by John Godber who was the head teacher of drama. The whole truck theatre company first performed this play on the 9th August 1987 at the Edinghborough fringe festival. The play is set in the 1980's.

During the first week of our six-week course, we firstly found out a little bit of background information about the play then we made a start on reading the play. We started of at reading it line by line while sitting in a semi-circle but then we moved on and started speaking as different characters and we were able to understand what characteristics each character had. We would then go off the script and discuss certain aspects of the scene and marking the moment. We were able to identify the climax and anti climax of the play and we understood that the play was a play within a play. That is it was about the students making a play. During this first week we identified characters that we liked and were able to talk about their characteristics, we were also identify scenes that we liked and the themes that were there in the play. The themes that we identified straight away was money, this play is based on students who go to a state school with parents who have a low income and they are always wishing that they were in the private school saint George's which had good facilities. This is similar to a book written by Jacqueline Wilson, this story is about twins and one is offered a place in a private school while the other is in a state school, the girl who is left in state school is let down by society because she knows that she will not get as many opportunities as her sister after education because she will not be a qualified and may not even want to be excepted by big companies. Another theme we came across was opportunities. This play showed that the students in the play knew that in the future they would not get a good job with a good pay because they went to a school that was downmarket and not good education. The explorative strategy was marking the moment as I have discussed above and this helped us the understand the text more because we were able to read in-between the lines and understand there was more to it than just a play or a line, it all has meaning behind it and we can understand this by reading in between the lines.
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In the second week of the six-week programme, we looked at the text in more detail by choosing extracts from it. We picked parts of the play that we enjoyed the most and we used role-play to act them out. Some of the extracts we looked at in this lesson were the school disco, the introduction of Ogy Moxon and the ninja scene. We picked these because when we read it in the previous class we really enjoyed these scenes and they would look good because it used a lot of action and energy. We then split into ...

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