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My stomach was churning as I walked through the gargantuan gates of The Gateshead International Stadium. This event was to be the biggest competition of my life for athletics. This was the largest competition to me because everyone who had competed to a high standard all around England would be competing today ranging from professional athletes to young hopefuls.  The competition meant a lot to me for my own personal goals and also to show other people how well I could perform, it was my time to shine. This put pressure on me, which I needed as it gave me a greater will and desire to win. I had previously been to the County Championships picking up first place which gave me immense amounts of confidence going into these Tartan games. As of yet nothing has compared to the magnitude of this competition. On the morning of the competition I felt incredibly energetic and all I wanted to do was get onto the track and perform my best but more preparation had to be done.  

I performed a series of warm-ups, first running around the track to get the oxygen levels in my blood elevated and then did a sequence of high intensity stretches. This was overwhelming; being in the middle of the stadium with hundreds of people watching your every move. I knew that they had expectations of what they were going to see. I felt nervous but most of all happy that I have achieved so much as an athlete and I have so much more to strive for and obtain as a performer. The next task is to put on my brand new, one hundred and twenty pound, Adidas Adistar Triple Jump Spikes from up in the stand. This may seem strange but I am very fanatical about my spikes. I have to get the laces just right and then I have to zip up the aerodynamic space style flaps for extra protection. This may seem easy but if they are tied too tight they don’t feel right and if they are too loose it would be catastrophic.

         There were myriads of people in the stands, most of which were young athletes just like me trying to do their best. Also a few professional athletes attended such as Jonathan Edwards. He has the World record for the Triple Jump and attained this title on the twenty seventh of June 1995. The world record stands at 18.29 which is a gigantic length and a colossal achievement. Jonathan also gives me incentive and meaning to my athletics as he is a great performer and an idol to any athlete.

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        The competition started, the adrenalin was pumping through the body and the nerves were high but I didn’t let that get to me as I jumped 11.65m as a new personal best and it took me to second place in the first found. The person whom was in first position was extremely tall and extremely fast so I knew I had no chance. The positions stayed the same all the way through the competition as I battled through beating off rivals from all around, I like to think my jumps were controlled and I skim across the area like a ...

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