Blanches tragedy is that she doesnt belong anywhere and has no useful role to fulfil. In light of this statement, explore Williams presentation of Blanches isolation in ASCND. (25marks)

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“Blanche’s tragedy is that she doesn’t belong anywhere and has no useful role to fulfil.”

In light of this statement, explore William’s presentation of Blanche’s isolation in ASCND. (25marks)

In A Street Car Named Desire, Williams expertly conveys the theme of isolation using the complex character of Blanche, showing different aspects of isolation including: social isolation, physical isolation, psychological isolation and emotional isolation. Blanche’s isolation in all respects can be seen as a consequence of her own actions as the critic Cardullo argued “Blanche’s struggle in Streetcar is…with herself” e.g.: through her loss of Belle Reve causing her physical isolation, her loss of her status as an accomplished English teacher causing her social isolation and her rape by Stanley (blamed on her flirtatious ways) triggering her mental breakdown and causing her psychological isolation. The question that begs for an answer, however, remains: is Blanche’s tragedy due to her not belonging anywhere or having any useful role to fulfill?
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Williams explores Blanche’s displacement in both a physical sense as well as an emotional one. Physically, it would seem that Blanche doesn’t belong anywhere due to the fact that she lost both her home (Belle Reve), which she claims “…slipped through her fingers.” As well as her job as a teacher. Emotionally, Blanch also seems to be displaced as she lost everyone she really loved remaining only with Stella who is a married woman. Blanch emotionally exclaims “All of those deaths! Father, mother! Margaret…the Grim Reaper had put up his tent on our doorstep!” Williams uses a number ...

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