Creative writing - A Penny For The Guy

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Penny for the Guy

The resistance was beginning to lessen now- as the syringe compressed further, the potential of movement decreased.  His limbs were stilled. Now his body was numb- no- numb was the wrong word. The dull, throbbing wound on the back of his head stood testament to that.

He slumped on the floor, collecting dirt and dust as he lay immobilised. The room was cold. He would have shivered if he could, but fighting the still ness was impossible. It was futile.

To me, bonfires- with their earthy scent of burning, crackling and intense heat- almost seem akin to a pagan festival. It is, after all, a congregation worshipping a fire. However, this is a ritual I have been left to enjoy alone.

        I’m waiting for him, periodically checking my phone, feeling yet another twinge of annoyance. No missed calls. No new messages. I stamp my feet on the ground, partly for warmth, partly from irritation. This is so unlike him, he usually rings when he’s running late. I have no idea where he could be.

The room was dark, but the hood was darker. The sacking felt rough against his cheek, and smelt industrial; an infusion of earth and chemicals. His face was confined, suffocating as the air around him dissipated. The securing string tied around his neck was knotted an inch or so too tightly; he longed to claw his hands at it; to tear it; snap it. Unmoving, his arms remained slumped on the ground like deadweight. Far from being a possibility, movement was scarcely even a mental consideration now.

I pay my two pounds, thank the stall holder, and find my way to a free space in the crowd. My hand reaches into my pocket to locate my phone, but I stop myself. Checking an empty message box will only make me more irritated. I want to enjoy myself as much as I can.

Join now!

        Minutes pass. I eat my toffee apple. More minutes drain away. The crowd is thickening; despite my assurance that I would wait in a landmarked area, he will struggle to find me. I wish I had chosen a spot closer to the centre, now the crowd of latecomers is descending- I have to stand on my toes to get a good view. Then again, once lit, the bonfire will be hard to miss. By my estimation, there are at least fifty wooden pallets stacked in pyramid formation towards the sky. The fixed barrier stops anyone getting closer than 20 feet ...

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