English Creative writing inspired by The Power of Five: Nightrise

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  1.  The power of five: night rise:

This book is the third book in the series. Fourteen year-old twins Scott and Jamie Tyler have never known who they are or where they came from, but they have always known that they possess extraordinary powers. When Scott is kidnapped by the sinister Nightrise Corporation and Jamie is framed for murder, they realize that they must use those powers if they are going to survive.

But Jamie is catapulted thousands of years into the past, bringing him face to face with the full horror of the Old Ones. Here Jamie learns that he is one of five Gatekeepers whose power is all that stands in the way of eternal chaos. Together at last, the Five must fight the massed forces of evil. And they must win.

Some themes I noticed while reading this book were death, family and despair. Family is a significant theme in this book, the connection between Scott and Jamie is the consistent plotline in the book, the twins explain near the beginning of the book that they find reading each other’s minds much easier than reading the minds of anyone else because of their brotherly connection.

Despair is another significant theme in this book. When Jamie and Scott are separated, Jamie becomes desperate to get him back, he lets his rage and sadness take over and he does everything he can to get him back with no worry about the consequences.

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Death is not as significant as other themes but it does come a lot in the book. When Scott is taken by the Nightrise Corporation, his and Jamie’s’ adoptive parents are murdered in an attempt to dispose of Jamie. Later on in the book Jamie’s past self from thousands of years ago is killed in battle so Jamie is pulled back through time to take his place. This is where he discovers what his powers mean and why he has them.

A character I liked in this book is Jamie Tyler. I liked this character because of the ...

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