Discuss the various ways in which Arthur Miller uses Alfieri as a dramatic device in ‘A View from the Bridge.’

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Discuss the various ways in which Arthur Miller uses Alfieri as a dramatic device in ‘A View from the Bridge.’

Chika Ashby

Arthur Miller uses Alfieri to fill in the readers on the details of the play. I think Miller’s use of Alfieri as a dramatic device is effective, suitable and skilfully contemplated. He utilizes Alfieri’s character to the full, using this one character to interact with the other characters and the readers. Alfieri is presented to the reader as a relaxed, educated personality, who recognizes the value of regulations and law as well as the importance of ΄omerta΄ (the code of conduct/silence between the Italian American societies).

Alfieri pays close attention to what is going on in the play, but has no influence on what occurs. At the closing stages of Act 1, Alfieri is being consulted by Eddie as to how he should act upon his idea that Rodolpho is gay and courting his niece. Alfieri knows Rodolpho is an immigrant, but pays very little interest to this trait (regardless of him being a lawyer). He also understands that for Eddie to be rid of Rodolpho, he would have to inform the police of his illegal entry into America. This would mean breaking the system of ΄omerta΄, and Alfieri strongly advises against this proceed. This scene reveals Alfieri as a character in the play, but still honours him as a narrator. It proves him not only to be abiding by the law, but also by ΄omerta.΄ He is shown as quite a fondly affiliated figure. His view is respected, and taken into account by Eddie.

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Alfieri is a fundamental device in the play. He helps the reader to appreciate the complicated scenarios in the play. He analyses the more complex parts of the play and is used, almost as Miller’s personal device to get a message to the reader. Being affiliated with both state justice and vigilante law makes him an unbiased character, and as a consequence, creates a significant, sincere and reliable character for the readers to use as their ΄window΄ to the events in the play.

Alfieri is a man of morals. Again, referring to the end of Act 1, Alfieri knows it ...

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