Lighting up the facts of a smoking ban

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Year 11 English - Expository Task                                 Emma Richards

Lighting up the facts of a Smoking Ban

Smoking kills.

That simple yet powerful statement has been advertised more than ever in the hope to keep our country healthy, clean and safe.

So how come we are still suffering? If everyone is aware that smoking is detrimental to our health and that around 15,000 people die from smoking related incidents each year, then shouldn’t we all feel non-hesitant about walking down the alleyways of Rundle Mall on a Saturday afternoon, without becoming passive smokers?

It’s a real shame that not only those nicotine addicts, who are decreasing their life spans dramatically, are also impacting on others’ lives. Approximately 3,000 deaths a year are caused by passive smoking, something so oblivious to a 15 year old girl who rolls her eyes as she walks by a group of tattooed men hunched over, coughing and puffing clouds of smoke towards her. But to be brutally honest, this is no coughing matter.

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So much more could be said in order to help rid people of diseases and health related issues, however the only thing that could save lives is the removal of this filthy habit – which is currently not illegal.

Peer pressure and being socially accepted are only two of the excuses used by smokers who would reason that a smoking ban is a breach on their civil rights. Although the government cannot legislate against morality, it can, however, pass laws designed to improve public safety and health.

If you believe I am simply attacking the civil rights ...

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