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The Pearl by John Steinbeck

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The Pearl (John Steinbeck) Chapter1 1. What kind of people do you think Kino and his wife are? First of all, Kino and his family seem to be poor people because we can see in the text that they have a quite bad standard of living: they live in a brush house, the baby sleeps in a hanging box, there ants in the house, they are not protected from wild and dangerous animal as the scorpion which stung Coyotito, they do not have enough money to get a treatment for the baby... We can also notice that Kino and his family are Indians. Indeed the doctor call them like this and the author himself speak about the Kino's "race" but without saying which one it is. It seems to be different races where Kino lives. Another indication which makes us think that they are from another culture is when Juana is summoning magic when the baby is stung. 2. What ideas do you get about them living in a "brush house" near a "tuna clump"? ...read more.


5. How these differ from your family morning routines? First Juana wait that her husband wakes up, then she wake up her son. After this she prepares the breakfast for Kino, takes care of the house then she can take her breakfast. In primitive society, women prepare the meal for the husband because he needs to work, then they must take care of the children and the home and finally take care of themselves meanwhile in our modern society, tasks and jobs are shared between men and women. 6. How would you describe Kino's attitude to the life around him? Kino is young and strong which explains that he is a pearl diver. We can also say that he is dark skinned ("the brown forehead"). Kino also has a warm, fierce and bright gaze. He seems to like his life even if he is not very demonstrative: the Song of the Family shows that he is a family man and even if he is not rich, he has all basics essentials. ...read more.


9. The beggars know about the doctor. What do they know about him and how have they found this out? The beggars were always watching and listening and therefore learnt a lot of people in the town. They knew the doctor, the fact that he was ignorant, liked money and carried out abortions, sometimes not very successfully. 10. When they arrive at the doctor's door, Kino hesitates. What feelings sweep over him and why does he feel this way? He feels fear and anger obviously provoked by the fact that people of the doctor's race considered people of Kino's race as animals, especially at that time (when Steinbeck wrote The Pearl). Fear because he was afraid that the doctor would turn him away and anger because it was not just. His anger manifested itself when he hit the iron gate so hard that he injured his hand after they were told to go away. By saying: "I am a doctor, not a veterinary", the doctor obviously meant that these Indians who had come asking for help were nothing more than animals maybe because he is only r****t or maybe because he really thought Indians were animals. ...read more.

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