Use of Language in the play 'Blood Wedding'.

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Use of Language

             I am analysing the play to help me understand the meaning of the play and the characters. This play is a translation of ‘Blood Wedding’ as Federico was Spanish writer so therefore all the literature won’t all be there. Plays aren’t easy to translate, as when it has been translated it must ensure that the final product works o stage as well as a play in a book. Lorca's translation took place in April and may 1988 in Madrid. The main problem with presenting and translating Lorca's play was that the characters speak from their souls and that Lorca’s has writing in a theatre of poetry and emotions.

The title “Blood Wedding” suggests tension throughout the play and the passionate union of two lovers, the bride and the bridegroom and Leonardo and the wife.

In Act One Scene One we are introduced to the mother and the bridegroom. We can see that Lorca has represented the mother as being very over protected of the Bridegroom. He shows the audience this by his use of language, we notice that the mother likes to fuss around her son a lot e.g. making sure he has eaten before going out tot the vineyard.

                “Son take some food with you……”

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When the son tells her “no” and that he will eat grapes at the vineyard by cutting them with a knife. This is when the tension rises between the mother and the bridegroom. The mother becomes cross and starts to shout about how knives are dangerous, this when we find out that she lost her husband and son due to being stabbed by a knife.

        “If I were to live…pulls my hair.”

From looking at this speech we see that Lorca’s language is poetic, we immediately know that Lorca’s views of the mother is that he has her treating her ...

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