Case Study - Hastings Coastal Management.

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Case Study – Hastings Coastal Management

Hastings is a town on the south coast of England approximately 60 miles south of London (see map below). In recent years, the coastline at Hastings has had to face many large scale problems, including the 10 km stretch from Hastings eastwards to the small town of Fairlight. With the coastline at constant exposure to the English Channel, there are many coastal processes which take place along the stretch of beach and cliff.

The map on the left illustrates the location of Hastings and also the area of the coastline which is being discussed in this case study. As can be seen, there is a large fetch distance between Hastings and the French coastline much further south of this map.

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For over a hundred years, there have been rapid coastal problems at Hastings. However within the last 30 years, there have been drastic measures taken at Hastings to improve the coast and protect the town by implementing strategic coastal management plans where some have been successful and others not so successful.

The main idea behind the coastal engineering was to protect the cliff face at certain areas along the coast, and the beach and pier at Hastings. To do so, various stages of protection work were carried out. The first of these was the main protection of ...

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