Health and saftey in enviroment

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Health and Safety Survey
Survey on Health and safety in a local environment.

Health and safety is an extremely important topic which every workplace and organisation must concentrate on, as part of my assignment I carried out a survey in the college canteen to identify all the hazards in that environment and all the risks from each hazard.

Upon walking to the canteen I noticed that the corridors were extremely narrow, only enough space to fit two people walking side by side down there, this was no way enough space to fit a wheelchair person comfortably down with enough room for another person passing. Service users are risk of being injured by others banging into them, wheelchair users running into them, wheelchair users hitting themselves on walls, blind service users being pushed around when walking down the corridor and generally all service users finding it difficult to get down the corridor to the canteen. This hazard could be overcome by simply making the corridor wider; this would allow a wheelchair user and another service user to pass comfortably past each other without being at risk of injuring themselves.

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Secondly immediately on entering the canteen I noticed a rather large drink spillage which was right in the path of service users wanting to walk to get food, this is a serious hazard. Service users were at risk of slipping and falling over the spillage, most at risk were the blind service users as there would be unable to see the spillage also at more at risk are the older service users are they injure more when they fall however all the service users were at risk of injuring themselves. The risk could be minimised by firstly putting up a ...

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An excellent piece of writing that looks at safety issues. The writer has included the risks and how they might be managed. Focusing on one particular area has helped to keep the work concise. It could be extended by trying to link the risks to the legislation that might be connected to them. *****