Health, safety and security in health and social care- library case study.

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Health, safety and security in health and social care

Assignment one

Hazards and the harm that may arise in health and social care setting that I have chosen which is the library:

There are not many health hazards in the library. There could be a health hazard if a user of a library is not sitting on a chair correctly or the computer screen is not adjusted properly. The harm that could be caused by not sitting properly could be problems with people’s backs and if the computer screen is not adjusted properly or if the person does work on the computer for too long then there could be problems with sight.

In the library there could be potentially lots of safety hazards: things left on the floor and wires on the floor which could cause people to trip over it, electrical equipment that could do harm if a person doesn’t know how to use it.  The book cases are big and heavy, books are really high and can fall down if not put down correctly. The harm caused by things and wires on the floor could be tripping over and hurting yourself. Electrical equipment could give someone an electric shock. Books and cases can fall over and hurt someone.

Legislation, policies and procedures (Health and Safety Act 1974) which influence health and social care can just be put down as two simple statements: employer’s responsibility and employee’s responsibility. Employer’s responsibility is:

  • To ensure that all health and safety policies are in place and known by the employees.
  • To consult employees or their safety representative on matters relating to health and safety at work
  • To carry out risk assessments or implement measures as identified in the assessment
  • To report certain injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences
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Employee’s responsibilities are:

  • To take care of themselves and people around them in the workplace and be mindful to the effects of their actions
  • Cooperating with their employer on health and safety
  • Correctly using work items provided by their employers
  • Not interfering or misusing anything provided for their health, safety and welfare

There are couple of legislations to go with Health and Safety Act. First one is Manual Handling Regulations 1992. It aims to reduce the risk of injury from lifting or moving objects or people. This includes lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling or carrying. The second one is ...

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