Health Safety and Security in Health and Social Care

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Mia Lock                                    BTEC N/D in Health and Social Care

Unit 3 - Maureen Orchard

Assignment 2

Health Safety and Security in Health and Social Care

P3. Using examples from placement, describe how policies and procedures promote health safety and security in the health and social care workplace

Policies and procedures

Policies are basic written agreements/documents between an insurer and the policy owner. It is usually described as a plan of action to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes. However, the term may also be used to denote what is actually done, even though it is unplanned.

Procedures are written documents describing the policies and how to fulfill them. Policies and procedures are issued because of a legal requirement.


Every workplace has there own policies and procedures which state how they will work under the legislation. These include:

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(Maureen Orchard Class Notes)

(BTEC National | Health & Social Care | Book 1 | Heinemann)

P4. Examine the roles and responsibilities of key people in the promotion of health, safety and security in a health and social care setting


Managers are at the highest part of the job and are considered the leader. Their role is to ensure a high standard of health and safety is maintained within the setting and to create policies and update them every so often. They also must carry out risk assessments.

Their responsibilities ...

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