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In this assignment I am going to be talking about how diversity can help promote the rights of patients and service users. Within the care settings I am going to be focusing on four different settings which includes the Hospital, Residential care home, In

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UNIT 4: P4: Identify of understanding diversity can help promote the rights of patients/service users Every individual has rights because of the discrimination laws and the human rights act. These rights give individuals the freedom to express their thought and have privacy in their lives, protection and safety from abuse, unfair treatment, dignity, access information about them and to be able to use a preferred method of communication and language. Health and care workers (employees and employers) have many responsibilities to make sure that they take good care and the right care values for their patients and service users. They need to be polite, caring, considerable and patient with them. Each patient and service user has a different need, want, preferences and expectations, they need to be able to recognize this. They also should be able to recognize what the user or patient is able to do, and should always encourage them to make choices in their lives so that they might be able to feel valued and respected. ...read more.


Disabled people will need assistant with movement, physical assistant i.e. taking bath, brushing teeth, eating etc. They would also need to be taken care of by going around, shopping, playing etc. And finally the elderly might need more attention as they have gone through a lot in life, they will need to go and socialise by going to the park, days out, going day centres i.e. play games in order to build up their self esteem. Hospitals A Hospital is a place where treatment is provided to individuals, this individual could be any age group, people with different: sexuality and sexual preferences, family structure, occupations, illnesses which could be terminal, short term or long term, different disease and injuries or accidents What will they need to be cared for properly Individuals in this setting would need Individual treatment, they will also need Attention and Assistances, they might need Personal one 2 one sessions between patients and doctors in order for there to be a bond. ...read more.


maths, English etc. Residential care homes Residential care is for people who cannot continue living in their own home (residential care home, 2009). You would often come across elderly people, who could be have physical disabilities, learning disabilities, mental ill health, an alcohol or drug dependency, or is at risk of injury or abuse; these individuals would have different needs, be from different social status, have different illnesses; this can be terminal, short term or long term, form different ethnicity, religion and gender, they could be with few or no family and people who are not able to see, hear or speak. What will they need to be cared for properly A safe and secure environment, need of a day to day support, the right medication, effective communication about them, entertainment such as life entertainment, games, reading; disabled: will need mobility access such as wheel chairs, ramps, stair escalator, they will need regular check up, blind people will need personal assistant in getting up o going to bed, eating, dressing and using the toilet, they might need walking stick, they will need privacy and dignity. ...read more.

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