Provide information about organisations that offer support and guidance.Include: Commission for Racial Equality Equal Opportunities commission Disability Rights Commission

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Task 5B. Provide information about organisations that offer support and guidance. Include:

  • Commission for Racial Equality
  • Equal Opportunities commission
  • Disability Rights Commission

Commission for Racial Equality:

The Commission for Racial Equality aims to get rid of  also promoting racial equality. This commission was brought up by the Race Relation Act, it is applied to England, Wales and Scotland.

What is Race Relation Act

Race Relation Act is unlawful to discriminate against a person on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, citizenship or ethnic origins. The complaint must show that the harassment created an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment, or interfered with the individual's work performance causing them a detriment.  Racial violence is a criminal offence and proceedings in cases of racial abuse and harassment  may be brought under both criminal and civil law.

The Race Relations (Amendment) Act means that public bodies have a duty to promote race equality, to tackle racial discrimination, to encourage equal opportunity and good race relations.

The commission for Racial Equality promotes people to work together and form better relationships between amongst each other from two different ethnic groups, The commission for Racial Equality uses legal power and forbids harassments and discriminations it helps promotes equalities so everyone has same opportunities.

The key aims that CRE has are:

  • To promote incorporation and better relationships between different ethnic/religious groups.
  • To create a fairer and more equal society and promote equality and diversity.
  • Uses its power to get rid of racial discrimination and harassment.
  • To promote racial equalities in all public areas.
  • To ensure equal opportunities and good relationships between different races.

Codes of practise of CRE

The former equality commissions had power to issue Codes of Practice containing practical guidance on matters such as promoting equality of opportunity and eliminating discrimination in their relevant fields. Where Codes of Practice have been issued under appropriate sections of the anti-discrimination statutes, they are admissible in evidence, and, if any provision of such a Code appears to a tribunal or court to be relevant to any question arising in the proceedings, it has to be taken into account.

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Discrimination in any of the areas listed below is unlawful under the Race Relations Act:

If a service user feels that other ethnic groups are being discriminating against them then the CRE could help them get rid of their problem easily as they have a duty to remove all discrimination that occurs in the society. The CRE has to make sure that they help those people who are getting discrimination. Some groups receive more discrimination level then other such as gypsies, travelers or Muslims, the CRE makes sure this kind of ...

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