Unit 11 P6 Safeguarding Adults and Promoting Independence

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Jessica Bascombe 20174011 Group DUnit 11: Safeguarding Adults and Promoting Independence P6: Principles and Values: Which was originally known as the care value base these are a basic set of standards expected for those who receive health and social care the principles are: - To foster equality and diversity of people - To foster people’s rights and responsibilities - To maintain confidentiality of information Care workers must meet the minimum of these standards such as: - Fairness - Privacy - Dignity - Respect - Equality Build Effective Relationships: To ensure that all professional relationships that are effective and maintained the service user must be kept in the centre of the day-to-day planning.
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The adults communication needs should be accommodated for as some adults may not be able to - Under speech it may be difficult to understand - They might struggle to say words or sentences - They may not be able to understand words that are being used or the instructions they hear - They may have difficulties knowing how to talk and listen to others conversations So practitioners must cater to meet all their needs, learning new words encourages socializing and making friends. The adult’s cultural, religion and beliefs must be taken account there are many religions such as Christianity, ...

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Much of this work looking at lifespan development is satisfactory. As the unit information for this work is not available, I will make general comments as to how to the work could be improved. Firstly, some of the sentences are very long. Keep them shorter and use commas more so that the ideas are more clearly expressed. Proof-read carefully to eliminate the grammatical errors present. The writer?s subject knowledge of the care values appears sound, however the work re anti-discriminatory practice is not quite clearly expressed: the writer seems to suggest the staff?s opinions and personal dislikes SHOULD be brought into the workplace. 2/5