Unit 18 P3 Explain the roles and responsibilities of two overarching health organizations

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Unit 18: Working in The Health Sector

P3: Explain the roles and responsibilities of two overarching health organizations

Public Health Observatories: There are 12 public health observations that work across the 5 nations of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland they produce information data and intelligence on individual health and health care for professional practitioners, policy makers and the wider community their expertise lies in turning info and data into meaningful health intelligence. The Public Health Observatories vision for the public health is to provide better information that support better decision-making, leading to better health they work in partnership with practitioners, government, health and academic organizations at local and national levels. The Public Health Observatories monitor and forecast trends in health status and disease and play a major role in showing how health inequalities are being tackled locally and regionally, they monitor the effects of health and health care interventions to help give commissioners and providers of health and related services. The Public Health Observatories publish a variety of significant reports, briefings, information and indicators and provide the tools for users to access the information easily the roles of the public health observatories include:

Monitoring trends in health status and disease

Showing how health inequalities are being tackled

Assessing the effects of healthcare interventions giving commissioners and service providers the evidence and data they need to reduce inequalities both in access and health outcomes

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Department of Health: Provides strategic leadership for public health the NHS and social care in England, the department of health purpose is to improve England’s health and well being and in doing so achieve better health, better care and better value for all. The vision for health and social care is focused around 5 key priorities:

A patient led NHS

Delivering better health outcomes

A more autonomous and accountable system

Improved public health

Reforming long term and social care

The Department of Health responsibilities for standards of health care including the NHS is to set the strategic framework ...

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