Unit 3- P2 - Describe key legislation in relation to health, safety and security and setting out how this influences health and social care delivery

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P3: Using examples from work experience describe how policies and procedures promote health, safety and security in the health and social care workplace

Roles of the employee and employer

Being an employee and employer gives you a lot of roles to undertake and depending on which you are, you have more or less to do, in the table below, there are the roles in which the employer and employee have different and what they share.

Roles determine what you do in certain situations. You may have to deal with a hazard and other times you may just need to call your manager and let them deal with it.


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Responsibilities are more of what you have to do, if you are responsible for something it has to be done or it can have severe consequences. When working in a care setting it is imperative you know of your responsibilities.

Policies and procedure

Organisations must follow the law to ensure the safety of the workers, clients and the property in the home.

According to legal and organisational requirements

The law, policies and procedures are all there for a reason, so that no one gets hurt or has better care than someone else. It is extremely vital ...

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