Nirmal Vadgama 11.THistory Abraham Lincoln Often hailed as the greatest president of all times, Abraham Lincoln was a strong leader during one of the worst crises in American history. His impact on America helped to abolish slavery and brought the Union back together. He was a man of many faces, and his character exceeds the photographs seen today. His contributions to the American society will never be forgotten.      Lincoln was born on February 12, 2003 in Hardin County, Kentucky. His parents were Thomas and Nancy Lincoln. Thomas was hard working and enjoyed swapping stories, while his mother Nancy was quiet and literate. She died, however in 1818 due to poisonous milk. His parents were great influences, and greatly shaped the 16th president of the United States. When Thomas remarried, Abe showed great amity towards her, and often referred to her as his “angel mother. ” After relocating on several occasions and at some points having next to nothing, the hardships the Lincoln’s encountered soon passed. Although he showed a compassion for school, he only attended for 9 months, but taught himself arithmetic and grammar. These younger years helped shape Abe Lincoln and create the character of an honest president.     When Lincoln reached 21 he moved to Illinois, where he was hired to build a flatbed boat and transport materials down the Mississippi river. Next he landed a job working at a general store, and it was noted that he was very sociable. Lincoln soon became interested in town affairs and attended meetings regularly. After being asked to do commentary on cases he decided to run for state legislature. The Black Hawk War, however, prevented him from attaining that goal. He gained public interest, which would help in future campaigns. The general store he now
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owned went bankrupt, and Abe assumed the debt after the death of his partner William Berry. His nickname “honest-Abe” was derived from this .     Deciding to be a lawyer, Lincoln took partnership with Stewart. On September 9, 1836 he received his license to practice law. He ran again and was elected into the state legislature on August 14th. He actively became part of the forming Whig Party, and was involved with The Log Nine, who wanted to relocate the capital from Vandalia to Springfield. Gaining more public support, he ran for state legislature in the election of 1838 against Stephen ...

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