Could The Division Of Germany Been Avoided In 1949?

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Could The Division Of Germany Been Avoided In 1949?

In 1949, Germany was divided into two opposing states, the Eastern Bloc and the Western Bloc. There are many contrasting views on whether the division could have been avoided or not. One view is that the division was caused by the America, and its methods to try to make Europe economically like itself and if the division was done to build a separate Western state, to contain communism. However the opposing view is that, the Berlin Blockade, was just the USSR’s way of acting in defence of America and its “threatening” goals. Also the conclusion could come to the idea that many American actions, such as the creation of NATO was done to protect itself as Stalin’s foreign policy seemed like a genuine threat. Therefore I will be examining arguments and coming to a general conclusion of whether or not the division of Germany could or could not have been avoided in 1949. In order to come to this conclusion, you need to examine the events that led up to the division and if they could or could not have been avoided.

        Firstly, in December 15th 1947, the break up of London Foreign Ministers Conference occurred. At this time, it was unlikely that any agreement on Germany was possible. While America supported integrated Western Europe, the USSR wanted to avoid partitioning Germany and it would have a great effect on their economy. The mistrust greatened between the two countries, as the USSR had attempted to disrupt the Marshall Plan via making France and Italy mistrust American. America had little trust for the USSR at this point. In the end, the London Conference broke up in the 15th December 1947 and there was still bitterness between the East and West. The USSR had accused America and Britain of violating the Potsdam agreement and felt it was unfair that they were denied their fair share of reparations, while the West rejected the USSR’s plans to form a German government, as they feared it would just be a point for Stalin to spread his communism. Therefore there was no hope of cooperation and the division of Germany seemed like the only option that would work all around. Therefore, in reference to this, it can be said that both the East and the West can be said to be at to blame. I personally believe that in this case, the West were right, Stalin did want to spread communism throughout Germany so therefore, by holding out, they tried to stop it. Also it was a sly tactic that the Soviets used by trying to get France and Italy to mistrust America. Also if the East and West couldn’t agree on this point, then it is true that the only viable option would be to divide Germany and let each leader do what they wanted with their own part.

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        Another event that occurred leading up to the division was the Western Union. France feared of a stronger Germany, so to settle these fears, the British came up with the plan of a Western Union, meaning that all countries would align against Germany if it ever became a threat. However, this was really used as a defence against Russia. In this respect, it can be said that the division was not fault of the USSR that the USSR was just acting in defence; therefore it cannot be put to blame. However, I don’t believe this, as the Soviets instigated the ...

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