How Successful Were The Nazi Party In Carrying Out Their Aims Towards Education And Youth?

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How successful were the Nazi Party in carrying out there aims towards education and the Youth?

During the 13 years they were in power, the Nazi party put forward a lot of opportunities and propaganda that would encourage children to be inspired and take part in the National Socialist movement. These were also aimed to turn young boys in to selfless, strong soldiers and young women in to the soldiers of the household and childbearing front.

One of the first policies that the Nazi’s brought out was to instigate a Nazi cadet force. These young men that were aged from 13 – 18 would arrive and spend time learning a plethora of soldier making skills including, trench digging, grenade throwing, uses of dugouts and bayonet drill. Although having these skills was incredibly useful to them when it came to the upcoming war but the membership in 1938 were actually only 25% of students attended the meetings regularly. Despite this it can be argued that especially after it became compulsory in 1939, many students became fanatical over the idea of being a part of the German Reich, suggesting that when it really did matter, during the Second World War, the Nazi policies backing up the Hitler Youth were incredibly effective.

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Another aim of the Nazi party was to turn children in to anti-Semitics from the moment that they learn to think. They did this primarily through changing the education system. This entailed re-naming biology as race studies. This was a subject where the class would analyse the problems with the Jewish faith and what they have done wrong throughout the history of their religion. Largely speaking this was incredibly successful; this was because, in most children, it was easily to shape their minds. This ended up with a lot of them, snubbing their original Jewish friends, a lot of ...

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