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a) Source A and B both talk about 2 attacks on the American destroyers called Maddox and Turner Joy this was called the Tonkin incident. Both of the sources also say that the boats were in North Vietnamese waters. Both also mention the same boats the Turner Joy and the Maddox. And also in both essays the Maddox gets attacked. Source A never says that the second attack happened because he says 'the commander believed' which then agrees with source B which says there was no attack. There are many differences in the sources such as. Source A mentions the Turner Joy being attacked as well but source B calls it an 'outright fabrication. Using my own knowledge I can say that the Maddox was attacked but the Turner Joy never had any evidence to prove that it was attacked. Another difference is that source B says that there was no visual evidence of an enemy attack where as source A says they sunk a patrol boat and damaged 2. ...read more.


The cold war was still going on at this time and like any war would cause fear. This one had lasted so long and there was a theory both Kennedy and Johnson both believed was true called the domino theory. This is where one country falls to communism the rest of the countries would fall. Both tried to stop this with containment where troops are sent in to stop the spread of communism. Kennedy lost Cuba to communist leader Fidel Castro in a failed invasion at the Bay of Pigs in 1961. At this time the soviet leader was Khrushchev who started a Cuban missile crisis in 1962 which was where Soviet Union and America nearly started world war 3 because the soviets wanted missiles on Cuba. However America agreed to get rid of there missiles in Turkey if soviets got rid of theirs in Cuba. Lastly china had been taken by communism which agrees with the domino theory and china also started to give aid to Vietnam. ...read more.


The quagmire theory was that each president got too involved to be able to pull out of the war. It started with Truman helping the French out in Indochina Kennedy inherited the war from Eisenhower when he becomes president. When Kennedy then didn't want to seem soft and thought he had to prove himself to the public because of his young age he decided to get himself more involved and send in more advisors. Johnson made it worse by continuing and sending 2,500 more advisors. Johnson also had to get the Gulf of Tonkin resolution to show he is firm. This also gives him credibility because he did not get elected until November 1964 so showing he is firm will give him credibility and get him voted in which is what happens. In conclusion anti-communist beliefs were important in explaining Kennedy and Johnson's involvement however many other factors played the part to. This includes that there were bad circumstances in the whole of Vietnam which would force America to act if they wanted to stay as the peace keeping nation they said they were. ?? ?? ?? ?? Niall Ashton ...read more.

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