Data Security Of The New System

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Data Security Of The New System

The system I am designing will be storing a lot of personal details on customers, therefore it is vital that it is a secure system. To make sure that it is safe and secure I will be restricting access by placing a password on the system. It will also do checks to make sure that no invoices can be produced that contain invalid data. The formulae’s used for calculations will be protected against accidental deletion to ensure the accuracy of processing and calculations. I have also recommended that a virus protection software is to be installed on the same computer that this software will be running from and that the user makes sure that the system is backed up frequently to prevent the loss of data.


There will be one workbook called Byford’s Organics. This workbook will consist of three worksheets, these being Welcome, Navigation page, Invoice and Mailing List. I have attached the layout design for these sheets along with a detailed description of the functionality of each sheets, a description of each macro code, security and validation details.

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To design this system I have had to acquire skills in using excel. These consist of making and designing tables, writing macro codes and writing formulas.

When building the system I had to take certain things into consideration when it came to making the application aesthetically appealing and intuitive. They are as follows:

  • All gridlines, sheet tabs, column and row table should be removed so that the final product looks as professional as possible without the look of an excel spreadsheet.
  • Throughout the system I have to be consistent with the style of it. For ...

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