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Database  – Magazine Subscribers  

The Manager of a magazine business in Preston Mr. Daniel’s (Gamers World) has asked me to produce a database to keep track of the subscribers and non subscribers this should make it a lot easier to keep track. This will also include information about the information on the subscriber\non subscriber like the address and full name. Before we came up with this idea he used to just Wright it down in a book this made it very or quad to keep track of who had subscribed and who hadn’t .

There are a number of possible methods of solving this problem. I could use Microsoft Excel, Works or even Access the are all very good database programs for keeping track of records.

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I could use Microsoft Excel but this doesn’t have all the features that Works and Access have such as its own word document creator as in Microsoft works and is not as easy to use as works and access are to use when making a database.

The only quick and simple solution would be to use a Database programme like Microsoft Works because this is the only one the school has and most of my work will be done there.

The manager of Magazine bushiness Preston wants the following to appear the Database:

  • The database ...

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