Evaluate the importance of Self Concept to personal communication.

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Evaluate the importance of Self Concept to personal communication

The observation of yourself as an individual is called self-concept. Self-concept also embraces how well you know yourself through the medium of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Perception plays a key role in the making of self-concept. How you perceive yourself and how you think others perceive you, shape your self concept. This means that if you have difficulty with perception your self concept is likely to be distorted. For example, someone that thinks everyone loves them and agrees with every idea of theirs may have trouble with their own perception of what people really think of them. Because it is very likely that not everyone does agree with them and love them.

The way you feel about yourself or view yourself reflects foremost in how you behave and the characteristics you possess. Therefore self-concept strongly influences personality. If you feel that you are a quiet person you will end up being a quiet person, this is a classic example of the "Self Fulfilling Prophecy". This is the concept that how you think you behave will lead to the expectation that you should behave like that and therefore you will fulfil that expectation. An example of this prophecy is when a child is predicted to behave badly in a certain social situation by his or her parents'. If somehow this prediction is communicated to the child, he or she will 'play' up to the prediction and the expectations of the parents will be fulfilled. Consequently the self fulfilling prophecy occurs when a prediction is fulfilled.
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We have seen that self-concept affects personality dramatically. This leads on to the factor of "Role". Your personality changes according to what roles you play in your life. An example of this is a 16 year old playing the roles of friend, student, son, employee and uncle. When playing the role of uncle, the boy will act more responsible, but when he is playing the part of friend he will be less responsible and act childishly. This indicates that depending on the role you are playing, your personality will alter.

Perception also has the ability to ...

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