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Hardware and software

Records of bookings and the cars assigned:

I prefer using Microsoft Access to produce a database for this particular requirement rather than producing a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel because it’s very difficult to use with a massive amount of formulae and codes. I think that Microsoft Access is more simple and easy to use because I have produced a database Access before and therefore it will not take a huge amount of time for me to do. There is one disadvantage for using Microsoft Access, which is that if a mistake was made then it’s not that simple to correct it, so I will have to be very careful when creating the database.

A good point of using Access is that the database will look more neat, clear and professional when printed which will make a good quality piece of work.

Records of drivers and there availability:

For these records I would prefer using Microsoft Access as well for various reasons. One of them is that Microsoft Excel is better for numbers that require formulae and codes but for these particular records Microsoft Access will be more suitable as text will look more appropriate in Access.

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It is better using Access when creating a key that would connect the drivers records with their availability which could make it easier and clearer for the user.

Records of cars including their service history:

I think that the best way of creating the cars records is by using Microsoft Access for producing a database that could suit these types of records as they require a report and a relationship between the cars and their service history. Actually there is one bad point using Microsoft Access which’s if a mistake has been made then it would take ...

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