Internal Communication

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Task 3

Internal Communication


This is a method of communication which is available to anyone with a telephone and a computer with a modem.  The modem connects the computer to the telephone network allowing it to transmit and receive encoded data which can be displayed on the computer.  Each email user has a “mailbox” with a unique address into which messages can be sent ready for the recipient to “collect” and read.  This system has become widely used both between businesses and within organisations as a quick and efficient form of communication.

 The benefits include:

  1. It is cheap and easy to use so there will be quick and efficient communication within the business.
  1. All individuals in an organisation can have their own personal mailboxes, which can be password protected if desired.
  1. Messages can be prepared in advance, so the transmission time is kept to a minimum.  This significantly reduces the cost of sending messages.
  1. Communications can take place throughout any 24 hour period, therefore allowing international connections to be made even when offices may be closed.  This means that effective communication can take place no matter what the circumstances.
  1. Only one message needs to be prepared, although it can be sent to a number of mailboxes.  This is a useful facility when sending company memoranda to a number of employees.


 The disadvantages include:

  1. Using the system requires both sender and reliever to have am modem and on-line connection to a computer
  1. It relies on the recipient “emptying” their mailbox on a regular basis
  1. Hard copies of messages are not always made or kept

I think that this would be used in the company I am investigating.  This would be used to contact customers and co-workers.


Networking is a term that is difficult to define. Although it means different things to different people, in general, networking can be thought of as two or more people working together to achieve individual and group goals that would be more difficult to obtain individually. In general, networking is co-operating to compete.

The advantages of networking are:

∙        Expensive resources such as printers and storage devices can be shared between many computers.

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∙        A user can use can load and edit files that they have created on any station, providing the station has the software required to use the files.

∙        You can use a network to send electronic mail or to access huge databases such as the World Wide Web or a database of all the products a company sells.

The disadvantages of networking are:

∙        The cabling, interface cards, file servers etc. that are required to set up a network are expensive.

∙        If one computer, cable or interface breaks the whole network may stop operating and you may not ...

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