Maths Assignment - trigonometry, trend line, probability and calculus questions.

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Trigonometry can be used to solve problems instead of constructing a scale diagram.

A man leaves a point walking at 6kmh on a bearing of 80o. A cyclist leaves the same point at the same time on a bearing of 120o travelling at a speed of 17kmh. Calculate their distance apart after 4 hours using trigonometry.        (6)


Figure 01

As shown in the figure 01, let’s take ‘A’ as the starting point.

After 4hrs the man is at point M and cyclist at point C

Distance travelled by the man after 4hrs                

Distance travelled by the cyclist after 4hrs         

Now let’s consider the


Using the information in the question, the application of the Cosine rule would seem to be the best choice for this problem as we are given more angles than distances.

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After 4hrs distance between the cyclist and man



If experimental data doesn’t produce a straight trend line it doesn’t mean there isn’t a relationship. The use of software packages can allow quick and accurate testing of data to different trend lines so that a suitable relationship can be found if it exists.


(a).As you can see in the graph the given ...

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