Analysing a newspaper report that appeared in the Daily Mail.

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Sachin Anand                                English Media Coursework


I am analysing a newspaper report that appeared in the Daily Mail, which is a tabloid newspaper on Wednesday 29th December 1999. It was a story about a 51-year-old engineer, called Steven Parr who was a father of two when he was confronted by a vandal smashing up a public phone box and he made a choice to intervene, and as a result of this choice, he suffered brutal injuries.

   A reporter called Ben Taylor has written this tabloid. This newspaper report has been developed by using many techniques from this story into a full-page newspaper report. The techniques that Ben Taylor used that I will be analysing are; the structure of his writing, how he used the headline to catch the readers eye, how he structured the report, how he and why he used the pictures and whose quotations he used.

In this whole tabloid, the real question was did Ben Taylor make the right decision. Before even reading the report, we notice that the headline in this report is very odd as it is much longer than a normal tabloid newspaper. The headline is positioned right at the top of the page above the article. The information given in this headline are who the article is about Steven Parr and what its about, how he had a choice and he intervened and sustained injuries. The language that has been used in the headline is emotive language like “thug”, “terrible price” this words act to make the headline more eye catching and dramatic then dull word as “vandal”. This keeps us suspicious about what is going to happen in the article.

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There are two pictures that Ben Taylor has used, one of Steven Parr and one of the repaired phone box. The picture of the phone box has been used to show us was it worth it to Steven Parr to sustain all those injuries on defending a phone box and makes us think would we defend it? The picture of Steven Parr that is right in the middle of the page catches the reader’s attention straight away because we can see the injuries he sustained in the brutal attack on him and his eyes almost look directly at us. As ...

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