Compare and evaluate the marketing strategies of Sainsburys and McDonalds.

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                                                        Carly Millar

Compare and evaluate the marketing strategies of Sainsburys and McDonalds

This essay will examine the marketing strategies a company undertakes to get the most out it. It will be looking at and comparing “Sainsburys” a high leading supermarket chain and “McDonalds” a very popular fast food restaurant. They both have the same objective – to make profit, yet have totally different parts in the market and use different strategies to promote its product(s). An appendix will show the correct terms relating to this report and evidence that has been used.

As Sainsburys is a leading and competitive supermarket, achieving competitive advantage (A1) over competition. It must look closely at what it’s customer wants and needs. It is involved in both the secondary and tertiary sector (A2). It is within both sectors as it has involvement in the manufacturing of goods but also provides a service. The objective is to meet its customers’ needs effectively and thereby provide shareholders with good, sustainable financial returns. It aims to ensure all employees have opportunities to develop their abilities and are well rewarded for their contribution to the success of the business. Its policy is to work with all of its suppliers fairly, recognizing the mutual benefit of satisfying customers’ needs. It also aims to fulfill its responsibilities to the communities and environments in which it operates.

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                     Sainsburys achieves competitive advantage from using marketing strategies. Sainsburys uses Marketing (A3) as a form of competitive advantage, using advertising as a main type of marketing. Advertising makes the customer more aware of the company and keeps it in mind. The company can then use this advertising to promote particular products. The latest form of marketing for Sainsburys is using a famous chef “Jamie Oliver” to promote Sainsburys own brand products. He is a household name and familiar to consumers. This will give some customers confidence to buy the products as it is used ...

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