Create a product and advertise it.

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GCSE Evaluation


My task was to create a product and advertise it. The product that I have chosen to market is a company that sells nail extensions. I have chosen this product because I feel that lots of women want strong, sultry nails. My target audience is women aged between mid teens and 40. These will be made for the customers in whatever length and style they’d like.

         My advert would be placed inside magazines, newspapers and perhaps billboards. It would be made nationally advertised. Such as the Smirnoff advert, so that it attracts more interest.

         I’ve set out my poster in a very organised and clear view. The positioning is significant to the advertisement as it has photographs of different versions of nails. It says whatever length, you can get and shows my slogan.

         It’s for women and it has gentle colours to attract their senses and to generate a females attention, if I had used blues and greens this would generate a males attention but using these colours I fell has targeted for women. The centre of the advertisement is a bright yellow then it deepens as it moves outwards to a strong orange. Layout of my advertisement I feel is very appropriate. The name of my company ‘Fancy Falsies’ is placed at the centre of the page. The copy is also bold and in a different colour to the background so that it stands out.

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         I feel that in my advertisement I have met many of the potential customers’ needs. The copy is in bold and a different colour to the rest of the advertisement. There are photos placed in different areas of the advertisement. There are photos of natural looking nails, glamorous and creative. Which i feel will attract to most of the female target audience. I think that women feel a lot more attractive with long nails; they’re seen as feminine and sexual.

         My advertisement is targeted for women of all ages, there is an ...

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