Multitrack Recording

Jamie Maunder


We were set the task of recording a music session involving the following instruments:

Bass Guitar (using amplifier)

Electric Guitar (using amplifier)

Electric Piano

To record this session we used multitrack recorders (4 track Tascam and 8 track Yamaha MT8X) and recorded onto audiocassette. We used the following microphones to pick up our sound sources:

Senheiser ATM 33 (condenser microphone)

Shure SM58 (dynamic microphone)

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My group had the responsibility of using the Tascam 4 track recorder. We used 2  Shure SM58 dynamic microphones, which were connected to channels 1 and 2. Dynamic microphones are used for loud, low frequency instruments like guitar amplifiers, bass drums etc… and do not need phantom power. Phantom power is a DC current sent through the microphone cable from the multitrack recorder to power the microphone. We used our microphones to record the bass guitar amplifier and the electric guitar amplifier. We placed them roughly 30cm from the cone of the amplifiers (Fig. 1).

We also used the ...

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