Music Censorship

Censor; a person who examines films, music, books etc… and removes or bans anything that could be harmful to society.

The above is the dictionary definition of ‘censor’ it mentions that material deemed harmful to society is removed. What exactly do the mean by harmful? Surely its not a different opinion or approach to the censors and governments belief systems. What the government is trying to do is put controls on society and demand everyone to have similar thoughts and opinions to their own.

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Music censorship usually takes place when people become offended on religious grounds. If a person has strong religious beliefs surely no music would threaten that belief system unless they are very weak minded and get the helping hand of the government to silence the artists.

Not all censorship is sparked off by religion but it always happens when music goes against somebody’s beliefs usually weak-minded people. The government should not act on the weak persons behalf but perhaps share the views of a strong minded person; accept the artists music as everyone is entitled to an opinion.

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