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Music Censorship

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Music Censorship Censor; a person who examines films, music, books etc... and removes or bans anything that could be harmful to society. The above is the dictionary definition of 'censor' it mentions that material deemed harmful to society is removed. What exactly do the mean by harmful? Surely its not a different opinion or approach to the censors and governments belief systems. What the government is trying to do is put controls on society and demand everyone to have similar thoughts and opinions to their own. ...read more.


The government should not act on the weak persons behalf but perhaps share the views of a strong minded person; accept the artists music as everyone is entitled to an opinion. The way censorship works in my mind is that people with authority and power get to censor whereas those who lack authority get silenced. Censorship is a much bigger issue in the USA where politicians have' sold out' the country to corporate interests, they have turned a once free nation into an intolerant theocracy, where nobody can say a word that may be deemed offensive by someone. ...read more.


In the U.S. a law was going to come in that meant that if you got caught buying a stickered product under the age of 18 community service looms for liking alternative music. When ever censorship gets talked about the phrase 'freedom of speech' comes into play, if there was no freedom of speech everyone would have to start liking these homogenized boy bands that most probably have lyrics written by the government so that they cant be banned, censored or considered 'harmful'. If censors are blocking out all 'harmful' music then everyone will end up being the same. Surely individuality in society is better than conformity? YOU DECIDE. ...read more.

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