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The Amber Spyglass by Phillip Pullman.

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The book cover to The Amber Spyglass by Phillip Pullman is designed so that it can inform and persuade potential readers to read the book. It has a sense of mystery to it, to grab the focus of a browsing shopper or library borrower. The reviews are strategically positioned to show the person what an awesome book it is. The blurb has powerful, persuasive language while the front cover has large font and a spyglass that is also enlarged. The First thing you notice when you look at this book cover is the olden style of font, which announces the title and authors name. This font is set in older style of font to inform the reader that this story could possibly be set in the past. ...read more.


As we look closer at the book cover two tones are evident in the background, one being dark and one being light. This prompts ideas into our head like good versus evil as these two shades are usually how good and evil are normally portrayed On the front there is also some persuasion evident in the text down the bottom. This is a review published in the Daily Telegraph it has been written by Minelle Marrin; it contains persuasive language such as powerful, sensation and dazzling. Looking at the back cover, there is an only text indication as to what lies in between the cover of the book. ...read more.


Convincing language such as "powerful, dangerous, command, intrigues, beset, inevitable...etc." pulls you into the book, wanting to read just that little bit more which makes you end up purchasing or borrowing the book. The last thing that gives you any information or persuasion to this book is the reviews, they tell you that the novel is magnificent and that Phillip Pullman is a great writer. With comments like these by leading newspaper columnists who are known to be harsh in their work, it makes you want to read the book even more because if so many of them think it is brilliant then it must be pretty good. The Amber Spyglass seems to be an intriguing book, this is certainly how it is portrayed on the cover. IT has been well designed and incorporates a good mixture of language, graphics and an interesting layout. ...read more.

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