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Web design - build a store guide for a department store.

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Coursework Documentation file Appendix 2 Name: Sophie Parsons Form: 10X Teacher: Mr. Langan Final Mark: AO1-1 Choosing and Describing Applications 5 My aim is to build a store guide for a department store. It must be easy to use, easy to read and easy to locate the things you need. I am also going to build a website for a concession. To build the store guide, I could use Microsoft Power Point, as it is an easy package and has all the functions that are needed to create a presentation. Also I thought that Power Point would be good to use as it fits the page and you can see what space you have to work with. I could also use Microsoft Word. This is because it has lots of tools. It allows you to create text boxes and it has graphic tools. To create the store guide, the hardware that I could use would be a keyboard, mouse and a monitor. The keyboard is used to input text into the system. The mouse is used to change around the layout of the screen and put in graphics. The monitor is simply used to display and show what you have put in using the keyboard and the mouse. To input images onto the system, I could use a scanner, the Internet, discs and a digital camera. Other hardware could be used, such as touch screens and light pens. To create the website for a concession, I am going to use web-authoring software. This could be Dreamweaver, HTML, note pad and front page. Dreamweaver would probably be the best as it is very easy to use, it displays the information and the links are easy to use. To import graphics and text into the website, I could use Photo Editor and Microsoft Word. These packages would be better to use for importing graphics and text into subsystems, as they provide more tools and they have a wider variety of options to choose from. ...read more.


I want to make the website as effective and useful as possible so that customers are satisfied with the service I have to offer, and hopefully they will want to use the system again in the near future. The website will include different subsystems for the different types of fashion products I have made available to buy online. There will be a contact form on the website where customers can email the store with any enquires or complaints they have. There is also a space for them to leave their details, so that their enquiry can be dealt with and answered quickly. There will also be an order form so the customers can buy the items online to save them going directly to the store itself. They will have to simply choose the products and click on a button, and simply fill out the details. It is a faster, more effective way to shop. There will be pictures and information on the products available, so that the customers get a clear picture of the items that they are purchasing. I am making the website as easy as possible for the user, so they do not have any problems buying their desired products. AO2-2 Design, Implementation, Testing 10 This section should include reference to your initial design diagrams, details of 'problems' and changes that you have made when creating the system, reference to annotated printouts of the system (not all pages need to be printed). Clear reference to subsystems, and the way in which the user will input information into the system and the way that information will be displayed for the user. In order to achieve the higher marks you must indicate how the system has been developed. AO2-3 Evaluation, Applications and Effects 5 I think that an ICT based system for a store is a very good idea. It will increase the trade and business, as the Internet is now a facility used by millions of people worldwide. ...read more.


There are 14,00 suppliers. Orders are placed to the suppliers in the mornings for lorries to leave. An IT monitor can see how much content has gone into the items. This is a swipe and control IT based system. There is lots of ICT used in the delivery of the shops contents. This includes an Isotrack. This can follow drivers wherever they are. It can tell the speed they are going, where it is and when it arrives and departs from its designated destination. When staffs are filling the shelves, every tray has a label and a priority number. This is a much quicker and easier for staff to see where to stack the shelves. There is a drop plan that is above every shelf so that staff know where to stack everything. Before the drop box plan everything was done manually which took longer. Shops have much better security, with better cameras and detectors. There are three types of training courses that use ICT that are taken before or during a job, that teach you more about the job and how to do things. Internal training is where you take the training at the job itself. External training is where you are sent away on a course. The third is cascade training, which is when one person goes on a course, and they then can teach others. This is the cheapest of the courses. Although ICT seems to have helped retail tremendously, there are still a few disadvantages. For example if the ICT system was to go wrong for any reason, then this would cause a major problem to retail industry. Where the retail industry has grown so large, small shops have been forced to close down, as they do not make a lot of money because nowadays more and more people are using the bigger stores, as it is easier. This forces people out of jobs. Small shops have to increase their prices and customers prefer to shop elsewhere. This then makes money for the larger companies. Sophie Parsons 10X ...read more.

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