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Design and create a website for a company of my choice. I have decided to base this project on the company "Belle Du Jour".

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Description of task My task in this project is to design and create a website for a company of my choice. I have decided to base this project on the company "Belle Du Jour". This is a bridal shop which sells dresses for special occasions and bridal accessories. "Belle du jour" would like to increase their business using a different strategy. At the moment their current strategy of increasing their production is by using advertisements in newspapers and magazines to reach there potential customers. I have decided that the best way to help them improve the service they provide is to set up a website for the company so that they can attract more customers. This means that they can advertise globally at a low cost it will also help to expand their business. I think this is the best way to help "Belle Du Jour" as they only have a limited amount of money and this way they will be able to advertise over the internet where people from all over the world could see the company's advertisements. This would also help the company to expand there business from a single business to a chain shop across England. The website will be eye-catching and informative, but interesting too. I would like the website to include the following features. This will help to achieve the main goals of the public: * The site will be easy to use and easy to access. To accomplish this I will make sure everything is simple. I will include links between pages and make sure that the links can be seen at all times. * I will use pictures of the products and items that are sold at the shop. This will mean that potential customers are able to browse through a catalogue of the available items so that they won't need to visit the shop and then find that the company doesn't sell what they're looking for. ...read more.


The maximum file size is 20 KB for each webpage. I have worked out that the maximum file size for the whole of the website will be 78MB. I decided on this file size because I found that 75MB was too small to store lots of information and pictures on and 75MB was about right but I decided that I will give it 3 more megabytes of storage just in case it will be necessary. Hardware Resources I would recommend the following computer for users to run my website on: Here are some of the features this computer system has. * 2.8GHz Intel Celeron Processor * 256Mb DDR RAM * 80Gb Hard Drive * DVD RW Drive * 64Mb GeForce4 Graphics * Firewire * 56K Modem * 17" CRT * Windows XP Home Operating System The total cost for this hardware package is �499.99 including VAT. I think that I would also need to include a printer and scanner as this will be needed to upload images onto the website. I have chosen to use an all-in-one printer because this means that you can have all 3 functions in just one printer. It allows you to print, photocopy and scan. Model - HEWLETT PACKARD PSC1110 Product Code - 978213 This costs �69.99 I recommend this computer system because it uses the standard operating system and it also has a large storage space to save the files in. it has a graphics card so you can view special graphics. This hardware system will cost �569.98 including VAT. Software Resources Here is a list of programs that I can use for completing my project website design with: Software Package Features Chosen Easy Web Editor A fast, instructive and powerful web design program with added templates for assistance. Has advanced functions to create a professional looking website. Drawbacks: Quite expensive and not a lot of people have heard of this website software program. ...read more.


* A comments page - this is for customers to let the company know what they think of the website. It allows you to make complaints, suggestions, problems and praise. * A search page - this is to help customers find what they are looking for instead of going through the catalogue to see if the product they are looking for is sold at the company. This helps the user to save time and makes the website more efficient. * Quick downloading pages - this is so that customer's wont get frustrated waiting for pages to download. Below I have listed each of my evaluation criteria points and commented on how they have been achieved. Evaluation criteria How successful An index frame for easy control on the website I used a frame template from Microsoft FrontPage to do this. The company name/logo to personalise the website This was completed by using word art. I chose a fancy font and then used the gold colour to personalise it. Links between the pages for easy navigation This was done using a special function on FrontPage. A comments page for customers to tell the company what they think of the website. This is easy to produce. It was achieved editing a page template from FrontPage. A search engine to help users find items in the web site. This is easy to produce. It was achieved editing a page template from front page. Quick downloading of pages This was accomplished by limiting the file size of the pages. Area for improvement Reason not implemented Addition of sound and video clips where suitable I didn't have the recommended program to add video clips and sound. This would have used a lot of the file size. Use of Animated pictures I found it difficult to use the "Macromedia flash MX" program to animate the pictures and it would also take up a lot of the storage space. ...read more.

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