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Do the resources available to the prime Minister invest him with significant power?

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Do the Resources available to the Prime Minister invest him with Significant Power? The resources available to the Prime minister can be said to give him or her significant power over the running of the country. I will first identify the resources that the Prime Minister has access to and then identify why this gives them significant power in running the country and the government. The Prime Minister is the head of the government, which is usually comprised of the party which controls the largest majority in the House of Commons. This itself gives the Prime Minister inherent amounts of power, because the Prime Minister is this party's leader, and allows them to use their majority to pass legislation through the House of Commons quickly, which is itself power. Obviously, this power is reduced if the Prime Minister is faced with opposition to the legislation or bills that are passing through Parliament in their own party, which leads to reduced numbers of loyal MPs who can support the Prime Minister's proposed legislation. ...read more.


Prime Minister in a leadership contest and claim office due to their high standing in the Party; the Prime Minister would rather keep these potential loose cannons on side to ensure they are not presented with serious leadership issues later on. This can be shown in the Labour leadership contest of 1994, where Gordon Brown conceded defeat to Tony Blair on the condition of a senior Cabinet position in any resulting government and the leadership crown should Blair resign. Also, the Labour party has been limited to being forced to pick its first Cabinet after a period in opposition from its Shadow Cabinet after re-election, which places limits on the choice the Prime Minister can make; the Conservatives are free to choose Cabinet Ministers as they please whenever they please. The Prime Minister also has power in that they can choose to dismiss cabinet ministers, which grants them power as they can choose to dispense with the services of disloyal or underperforming minsters, who may be rebelling against the Prime Minister's personal or political issues or may be ineffective in running their department as the Prime Minister may want. ...read more.


An example of this can be the 2003 Iraq war, whose interpreted failure undermined the public standing of Prime Minister Tony Blair. Finally, the Prime Minister has one final resource available to further furnish their powers: the Prime Minister's Office, which has grown in importance over the last two decades. This is because the Prime Minister heads no government department, and is therefore unrestricted in where they are able to direct their political energies. The Prime Minister's Office can offer additional, alternate sources of advice on issues being discussed which can be different to that presented by ministers, handles the public image of the Prime Minister and manages relations with media agencies. This all aids the Prime Minister in performing their duties, and therefore adds to their power, as the Prime Minister can shape his Office to perform toward their own political agenda. In conclusion, the resources available to the Prime Minister - the powers of patronage, party leadership, public standing and the Prime Minister's Office - do invest them with significant powers which help them in running the government of the country. ?? ?? ?? ?? Powers of the Prime Minister Government and Politics Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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