How effective is Parliament in checking Executive Power?

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How effective is Parliament in checking Executive Power?

Parliament scrutinises the Government through many different mediums. These mediums include but are not limited to select committees, Question Time and debates in both Houses. Despite the many different ways in which power can be checked the effectiveness of this scrutiny is often criticised. These criticism include select committees having a majority of the governing party’s MPs, the Government sitting in the House of Commons and therefore influencing decision made and the lack off information for opposition parties.

Some may say that the number of ways in which the Government can be scrutinised provides adequate effectiveness. One way is during debates every Member of Parliament, whether that be a member of the Government itself or the single representative of the Green Party, may voice their opinion or suggest changes to a bill. Despite this, many backbenchers and independent MPs have little voice and the majority of major issues are contested between the frontbenchers.

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The official opposition party, the party with the second most seats, has a larger voice than other opposition parties. This is partly due to them having more MPs and partly due to the leader of the official opposition being allowed more questions during Prime Ministers Question Time. This allows more specific and in depth scrutiny that if every member could ask one question, though it does reduce the voice of many parties and pushes Parliament towards a two party system.

Despite this, there are many opportunities for smaller parties to scrutinise such as Question Time, when any MP can ...

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