The basic human need of being included in society is essential for a fulfilled life.

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The basic human need of being included in society is essential for a fulfilled life.

We can all conform to the fact that loneliness and introversion can be one of the most distressing traits one can retain. We can also identify as how much we strive for acceptance within our community. In Cannery Row by John Steinbeck, many various instances depict the importance of being immersed in society. Though the storyline is simple, the main focus of the novel is on the emotions and interactions of a group of people in the cannery district of Monterey. Steinbeck dynamically projects to us a realistic, yet rustic scene in which he precisely portrays each character and gives substantial background information to each one of them so that the reader has a panoramic view of Cannery Row. Everyone longs to be accepted by others and being lonely is ultimately the worst feeling in the world. Henri, William, Frankie, and Mack’s gang all exemplify the basic human need of being included in society.

              The characters that Steinbeck creates in Cannery Row are made powerful through incisive descriptions. He introduces each character or group, and then, using a few brief side stories, describes events and happenings that broaden the character and reveal more of his personality. The reader knows more of Henri than his physical appearance and daily life; We are told even more about him being a painter, and the reasons why he never will finish the boat that he has already been working on for the past seven or so years, as well as his isolation dilemma.

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Henri demonstrates the need for companionship as well as the need to be alone for intermittent periods of time. Living in a boat with a "cramped cabin and the lack of a toilet", results in driving his girlfriend away. He repeatedly experiences loneliness. However, after he becomes used to the idea of being alone, Henri "felt a sense of relief." By eating what he wants and "free of the endless biologic functions for a while," Henri exemplifies how ‘time-out’can help a person rejuvenate, while maintaining an outgoing lifestyle to balance his life.

William, (also more popularly known to be Dora's ...

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